Ensure up-to-date consent

This feature automatically presents the user with any updated agreements to ensure their consent is kept up-to-date. It only presents a popup for each agreement that requires new consent.

Legal.js is currently in beta.


This feature should be used only on pages that users who have accepted your legal agreements can view, for example when they are signed in to their account area. The user should have consented to your agreements in the signup, but you may have made changes since then. The prompt for renewed consent only shows if there are updates, changes or revisions to the agreements that a user has previously accepted.

The popup window that will prompt if there are changes to a policy that the user needs to accept.

Note: To use the current version of this method, you must also call legal.load() as shown below, replacing <<PROJECT PUBLIC KEY>> with your project's public-key.

This feature is very easy to activate:

legal.load("Your widget's public key");

If there are no pending agreements for the user to consent to, this feature will simply have no effect.