Changing an old cookie policy to a new on autopilot
Below you'll find step by step instructions in text if you prefer to read them in stead :)

Making a new policy on autopilot

Making a new policy on autopilot is easy. it takes only a few simple steps:
    Go to and log in
    Go to agreements in the side menu
    Click create new policy in the top right corner and select "Cookie policy on autopilot" from the dropdown
    Fill out the form. Don't forget to add if you are using pixels, as they need an added section in the policy (added automatically when you select it)
    click create policy and approve it
Once that is done you have your policy ready

Updating it in your widget

Now you need to update it in your widget.
    Go to widgets in the sidemenu
    Click "Edit widget" for the appropriate widget in your list
    Use the first drop down in the editor menu to select the new policy
    Save the widget
PRESTO!!! You're done. The widget will now show the new policy which is of course automatically updated, because it is now on autopilot.
Last modified 3mo ago